Quantum. Leadership. Evolved.​

The Story 

The Inner Leader is more than a program. It is a path towards fulfillment and self-realization for all of you searching for solutions to limitations and barriers that prevent you from reaching success and fully enjoying your lives. ​
Thought into Being 
The Inner Leadership Track 
Born from the desire to create a well-rounded solution that looks at many facets of leadership and human development, The Inner Leader brings together a powerful set of tools, techniques and principles from a variety of sources, from positive psychology, to neuro-biology, neuro-science, co-active coaching, systems thinking, visionary and conscious leadership, integral psychology and many others. ​​

The Inner Leader philosophy is simple: all humans have the capacity and the capabilities to be leaders in their own life. We are all born with a gift and we can express our genius and inner power to bring it out into the world. 

The six pillars of the Inner Leader development track ensure a strong basis for individual coaching or group seminars. 

Meet The Coach
Daniela Rusu
Passionate to help people and organizations thrive, I work with individuals and teams to develop their inner leadership capabilities, and to use emotional, social and collective intelligence to reach higher levels of performance and well-being.

As a coach, I am known for creating safe environments for people to face their fears and limiting beliefs, supporting them in finding new possibilities and opportunities, expanding into their power and full potential. I recently created The Inner Leader program to fulfill this goal. 

Prior to founding Quantum Communications in 2011, I held various management roles, leading innovative digital platforms and outreach projects for climate change, leadership and talent management, and corporate/employer branding for the Canadian government.

A Romanian and Canadian national, I moved to Switzerland in 2009 with my husband and two children.  I fell in love with the beauty of the hills of Lavaux and the Montreux Riviera on the shores of Lake Geneva. When not reading or learning new avenues to enhance human potential, I love dancing, painting or exploring the Swiss hiking trails with my friends and family.
Professional Coach
Trainer & Facilitator
“I am the Master of my fate, I am the Captain of my soul”​​
W. Henley
My childhood was full of stories, each filled with magical worlds awaiting to be discovered. Tales of beauty and courage, of warriors and kings, lands where kindness and perseverence always prevailed.

It is the story of the river that often comes to mind when I work with my coaching clients. The river is a beautiful metaphor for our lives, for the flow that we all seek, not knowing that is already there.

Once upon an endless time, there was a river. It flowed and flowed, sometimes rushing nervously over big boulders, sometimes slowing down to catch its breath. Other times, forgetting that it was a river, it swirled in on itself, spiralling down, looking for answers deep within.

And all of a sudden, after many twists and turns, not knowingly, the river met the great sea. Never he imagined a greater beauty, a greater joy. He remembered now the eternal dance; he remembered that he always was a river, flowing with certainty to meet the great sea, no matter how many turns or twists. No matter where the journey took its stream, it was always home.

As all became clear, a deep peace filled every molecule of the body of water.