Quantum. Leadership. Evolved.​

New Perspectives


The Inner Leader 

Reconnect to Your Inner Capacity for Leadership 

Dates to be announced soon 

A series of 6 half-day workshops that will transform the way you see the world, the way you communicate and interact with others. 
The topics will follow the Quantum Leadership track to address awareness (of self and others), limiting mental models and patterns of belief, intentionality, conscious communication, coherence between heart and mind in decidion making, and resonant relationships. 
You may choose a minimum of two workshops in the series or sign-up for all for a discounted fee. 

Communicate with Intent

Learn how to use intention as the driving force to reach the desired impact 

Dates to be announced soon 

 Stanford University physicist William Tiller proved in his experimental research that human intention can affect what we call “physical reality”. What does this mean for the way we interact and communicate with each other? What makes intention so powerful that could change the way we communicate and get the desired impact?  
In this half-day workshop you will learn how to use the levers of conscious communication and intention to become a powerful communicator. 


Resonant Relationships

An integrative approach to reach harmony and alignment in your significant relationships 

Dates to be announced soon 

Resonance is about becoming deeply connected and atuned to one another. It is about listening and being listened to, about understanding and being understood. If you are looking for more peace, harmony, safety and loving connection in your significant relationship, this workshop is for you. Come with your partner, child, parent or friend for a deeper experience. 


New Beginnings

An interactive seminar about the challenges and opportunities of an expat life

Organized on demand

Moving can be an intensly emotional experience. Moving to a new country, a whole different challenge. How do we make the transition smoothly without feeling isolated and lonely? In this interactive seminar, participants will discover how to overcome innate bias and mind traps that can hinder their well-being during relocation. They will also discover the inner and outer resources available to them at all times. And most of all, participants will share their own experience and learn from the others, gaining more understanding of the significant impact relocation has on people.